MADSEN Electric Assist Kit

31 reviews

MADSEN Electric Assist Kit


31 reviews

**FITS MADSEN BIKE MODELS 2011 - CURRENT (can fit older 2009/2010 models with modifications)

(ORDER YOUR NEW E-MADSEN, with kit installed for you, on bicycle product pages)

**Currently unable to ship to Hawaii & Alaska

Add some serious power to your existing MADSEN bike! With the same quality and detail you have come to expect of MADSEN, our custom MADSEN 750 watt mid drive electric assist kit is now available. With the e-assist, you will be able to add power when you want it. This add-on has exceeded our expectations and will be a game-changer for many. Get ready to use your bike even more, with heavier cargo and for longer, more hilly trips. It's amazing!


  • 750 Watt Bafang Mid Drive Motor
  • 80 Nm of Torque
  • Pedal Assist System with 9 Power Levels
  • Gear Sensor for Smooth Shifting
  • 528 Watt (48 V 11 Ah) Battery with Charger 
  • Custom MADSEN Mounting Bracket with Integrated Junction and Lockable Battery Mount
  • LCD Display
  • Custom Sleek Look
  • Installation Available at our local Utah Shop Only ($100)

**Electric Assist Installation Step-by-Step Video Instructions 

**Electric Assist Installation Step-by-Step Written Instructions

Family Adventures Made Eco-Friendly with Electric Cargo Bikes

An adventure awaits your family with a MADSEN electric cargo bike. Sporting a colorful and beautiful design, your kids will have so much fun riding in the spacious bucket and creating memories outdoors. Plus, you’ll be doing your part in caring for the environment by leaving the car at home.

Electric Cargo Bikes

What makes e-cargo bikes awesome is that they make pedaling easier. With pedal assist, the power kicks in to give you a boost when you pedal. You’ll be flying up those hills in style with the kids, dog and groceries in tow.

You also control your power level and speed, so that you can ride at your comfort level and with as much assist as you want (or don’t want).

Savoring the Outdoors

Did you know that studies show that green spaces improve one’s mood and refresh the mind? Your electric bike is your ticket to a great time outdoors. It’s also a perfect way to give kids a break from their countless screens, and instead be outdoors making memories and being active.

Spend Time with Your Family

Take your children outside and create lasting memories together. By nature, kids love spaces where they can roam and play. Pack sandwiches and drinks and head to the park. The kids will love riding in the bucket and feeling the wind in their faces. And you will love the conversations you can share with them while riding.

An electric cargo bike is not just for family adventures…you can also get ALL the errands done! The bucket will carry your groceries, dry cleaning, library books – you name it, without the hassle of traffic and refueling your car. You can take your kids to soccer practice, ballet classes, and art museums. You can even bring your pet along for the ride. The MADSEN cargo bike has a weight capacity of 600 pounds…and that’s a lot of cargo! The e-assist will help you carry it all.

Caring for the Environment

By riding an e-bike with your family, you are doing your part for the environment. You minimize your carbon footprint and take advantage of better energy sources. What a great example to show kids one way to be eco-responsible.

Take your family on fun and eco-friendly adventures today! Contact MADSEN for inquiries about our bikes.

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Ben C.
United States United States
What a ride!

I have owned a Madsen since 2009, using it to ferry the kids to school when we lived in Florida. After moving to Connecticut 8 years ago the hills made it a rarely used option so I was very excited to see the electric assist motor. It was a little more complicated to fit as I have such an early version of the bike, but the folks at Madsen did a great job of coordinating with my bike mechanic and we got the job done. Now I am flying up those hills at 20mph on my way to work, and picking up the groceries on the way home - it's GREAT!!

Gordon H.
United States United States
We love our Electric Madsen

We live in a community with lots of parks and trails and this bike is perfect for it! The bucket leaves us plenty of room for treats, drinks and other essentials when we go out for a ride. We have literally taken this bike out everyday for the past 3 months, we’re in love with it!

Madsen Cycles MADSEN Electric Assist Kit Review
Madsen Cycles

We love the diversity of the MADSEN and that you're taking full advantage of it! What fun memories you're making with your adorable little family! Cheers to many more adventures!

Daniel a.
United States United States
electric motor assist

The motor works well. We had the motor professionally installed and the installer said the unit went on well. My wife appreciates the motor assist when grandchildren and small inclines come up!

Madsen Cycles

What amazing memories for your wife and grandchildren to make! We are so glad it was an easy install for you. Happy adventuring to you all!

Amanda F.
United States United States
Game Changer - mile crusher!

I was hesitant at first to purchase the Madsen bucket bike with the e-assist thinking I didn’t need It and I would be safer without it... What was I thinking!!! A few months and a ton of hills later I purchased the e-assist kit from Madsen. I know you can jimmy rig other brands and equipment but the customer service with Madsen is above anywhere else. I knew if I ran into trouble I could call. We bought the kit after the bike and live in CA. We had to install it ourselves and NO bike shop was able to offer the install for us. My husband is a pro!! There are a few specialty tools required that are mentioned in the video and after we gathered the necessary tools and watched the how to video- 3 hours later we had a Madsen e-bike. The first week at 39-40 weeks pregnant I was able to ride 130 miles. I still get a work out but no stress, I don’t feel limited and I feel so SAFE!!! Game changer for this mile crusher. I use the bike more than my car- my kids assume when we are leaving that we are taking the bike!! Thank you!!!!

Madsen Cycles MADSEN Electric Assist Kit Review
Madsen Cycles

We love this so much, Amanda! We know your little babes will remember their momma crushing it on the mile crusher once you got the assist installed! Cheers to many more adventures!

Lori P.
United States United States
This bike has become our preferred transportation

Since adding the e-assist to our Madsen Bucket Bike, we are riding it 5x more- nearly everyday! We live in an area full of hills and the extra kick makes it more fun, and less of a grind, for mom and dad. A commute to & from school in the bucket feels like adventure to our daughter. She loves it! I'm really happy about our upgrade!

Madsen Cycles

Lori! We are so happy you're loving your upgraded ride! The e-assist works magic on areas with hills. We are so happy you're out making memories with your sweet family and we all know you're the coolest one in the pickup lane for school! ;)